Biohazard Symbol

The power of symbols over the human mind should never be underestimated! People have lived for them and died for them. Sometimes simple, sometimes comlpex with layers of hidden meaning in their design, they fascinate and call out to be noticed. This section of the Aquiziam website is dedicated to these mysterious designs that have the power to inflame the soul.


The most searched for types of symbol ...

There are many websites that feature the subject of symbols but these pages, as with all our others, explore a little deeper. Aquiziam seeks to go beyond the obvious. In a sense, this is the diference between a dictionary and a detailed paper. Above all else to understand why!

All symbols are either living or dead but unlike humans some have the ability to return to life. A living symbol is one that is recognised by an individual even though it may not truly be understood. There may be may be hidden levels of meaning and therefore consequences. A dead symbol is one that existed but whose meaning has been forgotten and is now reduced to nothing more than a shape or design. Sometimes a symbol may be dead to one culture or society but still very much alive for another. A new design is just that – a design or at best a logo. Until the shape or design acquires an associated meaning, even if it is only for a select group, then it is not a symbol.

A symbol always guides the viewer to something that is unquantifiable and mysterious: the symbol’s “depth dimension”. Symbols are complex, and their meanings can evolve as the individual or culture evolves. The extraordinary power of symbols is that they open the way to deeper layers of reality which are otherwise hidden. in no way endorses the use of the symbols shown in this section – some of which may be deeply offensive to people that have suffered under the regimes that used them. Equally, they may represent an ideology that is considered unacceptable by certain sections of society. Our concern is with the psychological symbology not the validity of the beliefs behind the design. We hope you find these pages both interesting and useful.

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