Black Power Symbol

The “Black Power” symbol is a raised fist that has tremendous communist symbolism and is directly associated with the gesture “Workers of the World Unite”. It was popularised during the 1960’s and 1970’s by the Civil Rights Movement in America that disagreed with Luther-King’s policy of Integration. They believed that regardless of where they were based – they had the right to their own social policy, beliefs and power structures.

Many black activists deeply disagreed with this position. It was common to see its use by protesters against Apartheid in South Africa and was associated with the Toyi-Toyi or protest dance. Given that many of the revolutions in Africa were Soviet sponsored, the use of this gesture and symbol is not surprising. Political analysts admit that this approach may have actually held back the racial integration of African-Americans as it inspired fear amongst the non-African segments of society. Observers cite the fact that Italians, Irish, British, Koreans, Mexicans and Vietnamese have all adopted the USA as their home and integrated into its mainstream culture but the African-American still struggles to find their place in the most democratic of societies. A symbol may be responsible.

Black Power Symbol

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