EU law blocks Britons ‘from the TRUTH about UFO sightings

BRITONS have been left in the dark about a number of UFO sightings in the UK because of European Union legislation, this opens up a lot of questions like what else are they keeping from us?

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is said to have blocked public access to documents which reveal a number of strange sightings to – as they put it – ‘impede their curiosity’. This showcases to the public that the CAA  either know what’s in the sky themselves and they don’t want to share it or they have no idea themselves and can’t explain it.

The law reportedly states that the occurrence of information can only be used for the purpose of maintaining or improving aviation safety and the release of these documents to the general public or media that correlates with aviation safety in not permitted.

For many years the CAA has released this information under FOI without any evidence that commercial or safety may have been harmed or compromised, which is raising a lot more questions that answers.

It is stated that in 2012 that the chief executive of Britain’s National Air Traffic Control Services, Richard Deakin, addmited in a radio interview with the BBC that the agency receives reports every month from around the world of UFOs spotted.

To improve public confidence in air safety, the authorities should be proactively promoting open access to records of this type, this would allow individuals to have their own opinion on the matter, but by closing off these records they are actually showcasing more uncertainty within themselves.

The authority reportedly claimed that public access had been blocked because the secure identity of pilots needed to be maintained, but what they don’t want to admit is how many pilots really see UFOs in the sky and how many of them cannot begin to explain what they are seeing.

Missinformation or just misunderstanding?