Four Leaf Clover Symbol

It’s interesting to observe that most popular positive symbols are either about sex or luck. Using literalism, this could mean that most humans want to be: “lucky and have lots of sex.” Hey – that’s not a bad philosophy – it beats “work hard, suffer and die!”

Superstitious belief claims that a four-leaf clover is a lucky talisman – especially if it is found accidentally. We have to say that after enormous debate we can’t imagine how somebody could accidentally find a four leaf clover unless they were a flora-crazed biologist on a mission.

According to myth, a woman that hangs a four-leaf clover on her door will marry the next man that she meets. So … sex again and, for the lady’s sake, let’s hope he’s not a troll. In Irish folklore the leaves of the clover represent the Christian Holy Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit (ghost). The fourth leaf, often smaller, represents God’s Grace – or good fortune.

The majority of people simply believe that a four Leaf Clover will bring them good luck – and perhaps through the power of positive belief – it does. Incidentally, the shape of a single clover leaf is a heart …

Four Leaf Clover Symbol

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