Male Symbol

It has been claimed that the “Male” symbol (the planetary symbol for Mars) represents a shield and a spear – the warrior. This explanation appears to have originated in the 19th century at the height of modern revisionist sanitisation of ancient beliefs. There is also a claim that the original male symbol was the inverted female symbol.

Older manuscripts depict the female symbol as having a “V-shape” instead of the cross – which would tie it in with the Hungarian Heart and make a lot more sense. As a simple representation it is remarkably phallic and it is easy to see the erect penis supported by the swollen testicle(s) viewed from the side. Before you “shiver” and run back to the spear and shield explanation – ask yourself: “where is the lower shaft of the spear?” Surprise, surprise – it’s not there, and to the best of our knowledge, never has been!

There is a fascinating symbol that is depicted in the now rare 18th century “Harmsworth History of the World” (we have an original) that actually shows two identical male and female symbols interlocked creating the ancient Hebrew symbol of the Vessel and the Blade or the Star of David (Da Vinci Code).

Symbol Male