Cambodian Stegasaurus
The Cambodian Stegosaurus

This is a tough one for anyone to believe but it’s also proving quite difficult for scientists and archaeologists to effectively explain away. Some years ago an eagle-eyed visitor to the Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia noticed what looks like a carving of a stegosaurus – or at least of a dinosaur similar to the stegosaurus.

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The archaeological record sometimes throws up oddities that can’t easily be explained.  From giant statues on Easter Island to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, these discoveries have often raised the question – ‘How could these possibly have been made by humans so long ago?’  The stone spheres of Costa Rica are definitely one of these mysteries.

The Curse of Tutankhamun
The Curse of Tutankhamun Facts

If you’re reading a website about mysteries and haven’t already heard about the Curse of Tutankhamun then you are definitely in the minority.  Here are the basics that just about everybody remembers.

Baghdad Batteries
The Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery is one of those rare archaeological discoveries that has the potential to make us doubt everything we assume we know about ancient civilisations and, as such, it really annoys many archaeologists and compulsive debunkers.

Dyatlov Pass Foundation - 2009
Dyatlov Pass Letter

We would like to express our thanks to Dr. J. Kuntsevich. for his letter of commendation. The Aquiziam team genuinely try and approach our interests from a scientific point of view and make every effort to check and verify the information that we display on this website.

Hellfire Caves - Map of Tunnels
Hellfire Caves Inner Temple

There has been much speculation about the layout and the design of the Hellfire Caves. This has been complicated by the fact that the names of the chambers have been changed at least several times. For example, the alcove nearest to the entrance has been called, the tool store, the steward’s cave and the Intersect of Ra. Paul Whitehead’s Cave was once known as the Robing Room (circa 1958). The Miner’s cave was once called the Buttery and the area of caves and pillars near what is called Franklin’s Cave was once just called the Catacombs.

Skull of the Hellfire Caves - Carving
Hellfire Caves Carvings

As you wander deeper in the caves you’ll suddenly notice that there are strange faces, skulls and imps carved into the stones and chalk of the walls. Once you realise that they are there you start to see them everywhere. The origin of these carvings is a mystery.

Hellfire Caves - Lord Sandwich Circle
Hellfire Caves and Club

We have been unable to find an original 18th century source that identifies a name for this part of the caves other than just “the Circle”. It does appear on several map layouts that can be found on the internet but does not appear on the website of the Hellfire Caves (2009).

Hellfire Caves - Lord Sandwich Circle
The Hellfire Club Caves

Talk of the Hellfire Club and some immediately respond with mutterings of dark satanic rites and debauchery of the most extreme kind while others simply laugh at the wild tales and dismiss them as exaggerations. The elusive truth is probably somewhere in the middle – a very complicated middle!


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