A mysterious aerial phenomenon was recently filmed in England by an inhabitant of the region. UFO, alien ship, fireworks? Since it first appeared the debate has raged on the internet.

Filmed around the 18th of August 2017 in the county of Somerset in the southwest of England, this UFO has aggravated many UFO researchers. Composed of several orange spherical lights, the UFO seemed to arc skyward and change direction several times before disappearing completely.  Some claim that this is extraordinary footage while others have been quick to debunk the event.


The man responsible for the video said, “I have never seen anything like this before. The machine emitted green and red colours. When it appeared in the sky my gaze was immediately attracted to it. The display lasted several minutes. Then, just as suddenly, the UFO finished its show, and disappeared.

“I certainly don’t claim that it’s an extra-terrestrial vessel. It could very well be a drone carrying fireworks. However, at present this phenomenon has not yet been identified “.

It should also be noted that this mysterious phenomenon is not the only one to have been observed in the region in recent years. A local hiker, Nigel Vile, says:


Today, some experts describe the neighbouring city of Warminster as the British capital of the UFO phenomenon. Strange noises had been heard in the skies above the city, and a strange shimmering lights have also been observed nearby. This apparition has since become and mostly known as the “Warminster Thing”.

This is not the first time this year that a UFO has been recorded in the area of Cley Hill.  A video surfaced during May 2017 revealing streaks of light circling over the National Trust owned land in Corsley. The resident who recorded the phenomenon believed that the streak of light could well have been a UFO.


According to the comments section of the Scotsman newspaper (that first released the story) the object was eventually identified as a stunt aircraft taking part in an aerobatics display although there is no reference to the actual event that was taking place.  Aquiziam have not been able to corroborate this claim.

Ref: 6:23 PM on 22/08/2017 “It eventually emerged that the streak of light had in fact been created by a stunt plane belonging to nearby acrobatics group AeroSparx.”