Aquiziam Information

Aquiziam Information

Aquiziam is managed and developed by a team of people who are fascinated by a broad range subjects that all – in some way – relate to the human mind and the way that people perceive this amazing world of ours.

– The mysteries and paranormal that seem to fascinate people
– Strategy and tactics
– Quizzes and mental challenges
– Symbols and the human mind
– Body language and human communication

Aquiziam welcomes you to a website dedicated to the secrets of the human mind and the world. Strategies, impossible challenges, tactics, hidden body language, mysteries, veiled sections, quizzes and symbols are the focus of these pages.

Aquiziam encourages users of this website to submit their own comments and images on the understanding that all work provided is original and that the provider is the legal owner of such works. From comments about cryptids to the latest theories about ghosts we would like to hear from is an evolving website with new content being added all the time. Please check back often for updates.


We are looking for images to use in many of our sections and particularly our Mystery pages. If we use an image provided by you we will credit you as the author and copyright holder. Please read our terms for more information.

Mysteries & Strategy

Do you have a Mystery or Strategy that you feel is worth featuring on then please send it to us and we’ll look into it.


Your comments are what will make this website great. Please send us your views particularly those on the mysteries we’ve published. Are they truth or trash? We can’t promise to add every comment but will credit you with the submission if we do. Comment submission hyperlinks are featured on all relevant pages but we’re interested in your general comments too

We put real research and effort into our work and try to go further and dig deeper than most. We genuinely hope that you enjoy reviewing our website as much as we have enjoyed creating it.