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Beasts, Monsters & Cryptids Quiz
The world is full of mysteries but how many have you heard about?  Test your awareness of Cryptids, Beasts & Monsters by taking this quiz.  How much or how little you know may surprise you. There are plenty of tales of giant ape-like creatures with near human intelligence. They’ve been called Bigfoot, Raka and Sasquatch in different places around the world.…
Mysteries Quiz
Mysteries Quiz
The world is full of mysteries but how many have you heard about?  Test your awareness of World Mysteries by taking this quiz.  How much or how little you know may surprise you. Off the coast of Florida (USA) and covering much of the Caribbean Sea is mysterious area where thousands of people, ships and planes have just vanished over…
The Weird Words Quiz
Language is full of some very weird words - some new, some old and some just downright weird. You'll never believe that people actually felt that some of these things were important enough to have their own words. Take this weird words quiz and see how clued up you are about weird and wonderful words: Agastopia Admiration of a particular…
Conspiracy Quiz Aquiziam
The Aquiziam Conspiracy Quiz
A conspiracy exists when two or more people secretly agree to work together to achieve a goal that other people would wish to prevent. A conspiracy taken to action usually results in some harm, damage or loss being experienced by non-conspirators. Conspiracies are real. There are many hundreds of well document conspiracies ranging from the assassination of Julius Caesar to,…
Aquiziam Body Language Test
Body Language Quiz
Body Language Quiz Body language is all around us every day.  Sometimes we need to be able to read other people's body language and sometimes we need to know what our own bodies are subconsciously broadcasting.  How good are you at reading body language.  Take this very detailed quiz and find out! If your're under 13 years old then you…
Aquiziam Personality Quiz
Personality Quiz

Aquiziam Personality Test – 16 Types / Welcome to the original Aquiziam Personality Test with multiscoring results. Most people are curious to find out more about their personality type.  The Aquiziam Personality test is based on the research of Carl Jung as well as Briggs & Myers whose personality type theories have become the widely accepted standard.

Aquiziam Quizzes

Some of these will be detailed with a hundred questions, some are short but clever in the way they interpret the way you think. From the already famous Body Language Test to our own interpretation of the more famous psychometric personality instruments, these are meant to be interesting and even useful. You won’t find quizzes asking you five questions about whether you like trees just so we can tell you whether you like trees or not.

“There’s a popular urban legend regarding the word quiz that states that in 1791 a Dublin theatre proprietor called James Daly took a bet that he could, within twenty-four hours, introduce a new word into the English language . He is then said to have recruited a team of street urchins to paint the word “quiz”, which was an invented and fanciful word, on walls of Dublin in Ireland.

The good citizens were mystified and soon the word was commonplace and had acquired a meaning its own meaning – that of a challenge, mystery or test. Whether this story is true or not remains … well it remains something of a quiz for quizzical people.”

All quizzes, personality reviews, ability assessments and tests in general are for entertainment purposes only. That means you shouldn’t take them seriously. In particular, the personality test is not a clinical or medically approved tool and is for amusement only. Aquiziam makes no guarantee regarding its accuracy.

The Full Body Language Test Crossing your arms is body language, winking at a girl is body language, scratching your nose when you lie is body language. This often ignored mirror to the truth is plain and simply your body speaking straight from your subconscious. Understanding the mystery of body language means you have to recognise the signals or ‘tells’ that give away a person’s true feelings. This is why this is why you should take the test and see how good you are.

Aquiziam Personality Test

See your 4-letter type formula based on the categorisation system developed by Carl Jung and Isabel Briggs Myers. You will also be able to read a detailed analysis based on you personality traits across multiple criteria thus making this one of the most detailed personality tests available. Your results are freely available and without restriction. You don’t have to register or provide an email address. In addition, the test also provides your Kersey Score as well as identifying which ancient element represents your human nature such as Earth, Water, Air and fire. There are no right or wrong answers but for the best results you will need to be honest with your choices.


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