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We here at Aquiziam believe there is always out there than meets the eye. This world is full of mysteries, secrets and conspiracies and we are here to unlock them.

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The Pinky Pinky Monster of South Africa
Pinky Pinky

The name may sound amusing but to many people it represents fear, hatred rape and torment. This creature is more than a myth – it’s a belief and it’s always out there – waiting for its chance!

The Montauk Monster
Montauk Monster

Suddenly the Montauk Monster story was everywhere and everyone had an opinion on what the creature really was. For the conspiracy theorist it was proof that something strange was going on at Montauk (camp Hero) or Plum Island. For the psychologists it was “hysteria” just before the Sub Prime Credit Crisis.

Tokoloshe South Africa

Tokoloshe is originally a Zulu word that can be written as “Tikolôsj” (Zulu) Tikoloshe, Tokkolosh, Tokeloshe, Tokkelossie (Afrikaans) or even Tjikolosi. There is no easy or direct translation as it seems to be used to describe a single creature as well as a group of different creatures. According to various websites it is sometimes called a Hili, Uhlakanyana or Gilikango (unsubstantiated).

Raka the Ape Man

Across the sub-Saharan continent of Africa it is possible to find tales and legends of strange and primal apes that are at least part human. These creatures go by many names – Bili Ape, Bondo Ape, Chemosit, Kerit, Kikomba and of course … Raka!

Chupacabra Claws Teeth
The Chupacabra Legend

The concept of the Chupacabra is not new – only the name is. Since humans established permanent Neolithic farming settlements and started the process of domesticating animals, (Circa: 10,000bc) their livestock has been attacked by predators.

Jersey Devil Newspaper
Jersey Devil

Jersey Devil enthusiasts and researchers believe that the creature’s indifference to the humans is the key to the answer. In effect, humans had found the beast as opposed to the beast seeking out humans.

Ogopogo Lake Monster

Ogopogo is the name given to the alleged monster of Lake Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. As far as Canadians are concerned this is the king of North American lake monsters. Ogopogo has also been referred to as the Nessie of North America.

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Paradic Chasm & Cave
Padirac Chasm and Caves

The Padirac Chasm (Cave) is one of the most impressive natural wonders of France and although it is widely visited by the French themselves, it remains little known outside of the country. 

The Mantell Incident UFO
The Mantell Incident

On 7th January 1948, residents of Maysville, Owensboro and Irvington, Kentucky started reporting a UFO to their police.  The police reported this to the Military officials at Godman Air Force Base (close to Louisville). 

Cambodian Stegasaurus
The Cambodian Stegosaurus

This is a tough one for anyone to believe but it’s also proving quite difficult for scientists and archaeologists to effectively explain away. Some years ago an eagle-eyed visitor to the Ta Prohm temple in Cambodia noticed what looks like a carving of a stegosaurus – or at least of a dinosaur similar to the stegosaurus.

Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The archaeological record sometimes throws up oddities that can’t easily be explained.  From giant statues on Easter Island to the pyramids of ancient Egypt, these discoveries have often raised the question – ‘How could these possibly have been made by humans so long ago?’  The stone spheres of Costa Rica are definitely one of these mysteries.

The Curse of Tutankhamun
The Curse of Tutankhamun Facts

If you’re reading a website about mysteries and haven’t already heard about the Curse of Tutankhamun then you are definitely in the minority.  Here are the basics that just about everybody remembers.

Candle Rocks – Yehliu

Yehliu Geopark is an area of outstanding geological importance and is famous for its concentration of curious rock formations rarely found together anywhere else in the world.   The park itself is almost entirely located on a small peninsula that juts a little over a mile into the sea.  It’s located on the north coast of Taiwan near to the town of Wanli and around 21 miles, by road, from the capital city Taipei.

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