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Perhaps one of the greatest mysteries in the universe is how the human mind works and why people behave the way they do. 'A Quiz I Am' is a journey to explore the inner secrets of human nature starting with body language and human needs.

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Body Language

Body Language Gestures

Most cultures say just as much with their hands as they do with their words. Here’s our list of hand gestures you definitely should know. Just note that hand gestures can mean different things depending where you are in the world. Always check local customs first.

Female Shoe Signals
Female Shoe Signals

It is estimated that women worldwide spend more than $43 billion on fashion-related footwear per annum. It could be much more! A pair of Manolo Blahniks (made famous by the TV sitcom ‘Sex in the City’) can easily cost more than $500 a pair (2007). It is worth understanding shoe signals.

Femal Flirting Signals for Women
Flirting Tips for Women

We’ve had so many requests for male and female flirting tips that we’ve bowed to pressure and included a section. Actually, it’s been quite a lot of fun to prepare as we’ve tried them out as a social experiment – and they actually work.  In fact, they work too well.  This is very powerful body language and both guys and girls get “very” upset (and quickly) if the “strong” flirting signals turn out to just be a tease.

Body Language Facial Expressions
Facial Expressions Basics

Silvan Tomkins, world recognised guru on emotional states, (1911 – 1991), believed that there are eight basic expressions which are: 1)  Surprise, 2)  Interest,  3) Joy, 4)  Rage,  5)  Fear,  6)  Disgust,  7)  Shame,  8)  Anguish

Flirting Tips for Men – Part Two

Barbie Doll & Action Man  (G I Joe) are the some of the most successful toys sold by the Mattel Corporation (TM).  They make many millions of dollars each year from their sales.  Being smart, you’ll notice that they weren’t called Geeky Doll and Boring Man.  If you want to understand the “stereotypical male and female” sex symbols then take a look at these toys.

Flirting Tips for Men - Body Language
Flirting Tips for Men

This section is about body language and flirting – It’s a definitive guide to meeting and interacting with women but there is a lot of cross-over with body language.  If you’re too lazy to read it properly then don’t expect great results. Let’s be honest – you wouldn’t be looking at this page if you weren’t interested so do yourself a favour and read it properly.