The Idol Rock of Brimham Moor

Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire, England is where you will find some of the strangest rock formations in England.  Contorted and otherworldly, these natural sculptures have, over the years, been given names such as The Lovers, the Druid’s Writing Desk, The Sphinx, The Watchdog and The Dancing Bear.

For centuries it was believed that these shapes had been carved by ancient Britons but research revealed that they were entirely natural and the product of nothing more than erosion.

The most remarkable of these formations is the balancing ‘Idol Rock’ made of weathered sandstone, known as Millstone Grit.    The main structure weighs in at around 200 tonnes and balances on a smaller rock that is just a fraction of its size.  Most people who see it for the first time often cannot believe that it’s real but it is.  The Idol rock and the surrounding area is the care and management of the National Trust (England).

The area is rich in myths and legends and one such tale claims that if you make a wish while holding your hand to the Idol Rock it will certainly come true.

During the last ice age around 18,000 to 24,000 years ago the combined action of ice and concentrated meltwater created the basic landscape of Brimham Rocks.  Since then, thousands of years of rain and snow has further eroded the rocks into the formations that can be seen today.

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The Idol Rock of Brimham Moor circa 1853