Ankh Symbol

This is not considered to be a religious symbol – although its origins had distinctly religious connotations. It is associated with ancient Egypt and was the symbol for “life”. Depictions of gods and, on occasions, pharaohs, are seen to be holding the Ankh symbol.

Its exact origins are unknown and still baffle Egyptologists. There are so many theories as to its symbolic design that they are far too numerous to list. However, they range from the vertebrae of a bull’s spine to the sun cresting the peak of a Pyramid. An even more speculative theory claims that it represents the vagina – or conception. One more sensible theory states that it is the shroud of a Mummy and became associated with the afterlife. The truth is that we may never know for sure.

Still, this is one of the oldest symbols known to mankind and has seen many resurgences in its use. It has featured in films such as Logan’s Run and more recent video games such as Tomb Raider. According to various sources, Vinnie Vincent, the former lead guitarist of KISS made his face up using the design of the Ankh symbol. At least 4,000 years old it has true longevity and is still considered deeply mystical.

Ankh Symbol

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