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  • Fungi that looks like Human Body Parts

    Fungi that looks like Human Body Parts0

    Heart / Old Meat Latticed Stinkhorn / Clathrus Ruber This fungus often looks and smells like old torn meat during the latter stages of its development. Clathrus ruber is most often found in Europe but has spread to most other continents. It is not considered suitable for eating and is often mistaken for offal by humans

  • Fly Ranch Geyser Nevada

    Fly Ranch Geyser Nevada0

    Fly Ranch Geyser, in Nevada USA, is a small geothermal geyser that only started spouting mineral rich water as recently as 1964. In fact, before then it didn’t exist at all and was created accidentally when a team drilling for sources of geothermal energy tapped into the reservoir. The story actually starts a little earlier

  • Real Planes that look like UFOs

    Real Planes that look like UFOs0

    Vought V-173 “Flying Pancake” In development from 1939 / Operational 1942 – 1947 The Vought V-173 or ‘The Flying Pancake’ was an experimental WWII test aircraft built by the USA as part of the Navy fighter aircraft program. It had a daring, almost circular, “all-wing” design.  The project was initiated in 1939 and flight tested by

  • Hamilton Pool

    Hamilton Pool0

    A strange and beautiful natural pool just a hint of aliens! Thousands of years ago the roof of a huge underground cavern collapsed revealing a beautiful subterranean pool and river. The emerald green waters cover an area of about 4225sqm and on the north side of the pool is a broad rocky slab that functions


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