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The mysterious science of reading body language is explained using down-to-earth explanations and clear images. Body language is a product of both genetic and environmental influences. Blind children know how to smile even though they have never seen one.

Crossing your arms is body language, winking at a girl is body language, scratching your nose when you lie is body language. This often ignored mirror to the truth is plain and simply your body speaking straight from your subconscious. Understanding the mystery of body language means you have to recognise the signals or ‘tells’ that give away a person’s true feelings. This is why this section uses so many images to help you see it for yourself.

The goal of our project is to present a well researched resource about all aspects of body language. Every person has a unique way of communicating their innermost thoughts and feelings through their physical expressions.  We aim to provide insightful, and sometimes amusing, articles about human behaviour and how it reveals itself through the dynamics of our bodies.

Over the past decades sociologists, psychologists and specialists in communication sciences have made hundreds of fascinating discoveries and continue to do so. This website showcases both the well document truths as well as the more recent, innovative and sometimes controversial developments in this field.

Body language can say a lot. If you don’t know how read it  then there’s a very big chance that you’ll be spending a lot of time wondering what’s really going on.

All images used are of models that have assumed poses for photographic purposes. These images in no way imply any negative characteristics about these individuals.

Simply … the quest to demystify body language.

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